Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal 12 year
80 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $23.00 750ml

I was a little bored today so I decided to explore our liquor cabinet and search for something that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet, and let you all know what I thought. Waddayano I found something. Chival Regal Blended Scotch Whisky (12 year). At initial glace it has a subtle golden amber color that is pleasing to the eye. And a complex aroma filled my nose with an intense scent of dark cherries and caramel mixed with a hint of plum. The flavor produced an excellent start with a lengthy full bodied taste and ended with a voluptuous potent finish…Sorry I’m just fucking with you now. Trust me you’ll never see a review anywhere near that pretentious here.

On to the real review.  I took a shot of it and was positive someone had switched out the contents of my bottle with rubbing alcohol. It’s basically a flavorless alcohol with a pretty good burn. Sooo… I decided wasn’t gonna do that again. I went ahead and introduced Mr. Chivas to my favorite mixer. Soda. At this point, I had managed to duplicate every local bar’s “sink or swim” well version of a whiskey and coke. Suffice to say, I was very unimpressed with this less than mediocre beverage. If it was cheaper I might recommend keeping a bottle around to help wash off any permanent marker penises  that might magically appear on your face after a long night of partying. But other than that, and going by the amount of money they expect me to hand over for a bottle of bottom shelf liquor, there are so many better choices out there that I would just stay away.

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