NLF: Monte Alban

Monte Alban
80 Proof – Mezcal
Approx. $27.00 750ml

Jeff’s Review:

On our last journey to the liquor store, we ended up leaving with a bottle of Monte Alban Mezcal. Out of all the mezcal out there, I have seen this bottle on the shelves more than any other. After a few shots and even trying to make a mixed drink with it, I was thinking maybe we should have left this on the shelf. Monte Alban has a very smokey flavor and a slight burn. To be honest, this tastes like a harsh low grade tequila. I have had a lot of drinks grow on me that I hated at first. This isn’t one of those drinks. I will say that if it’s authenticity you’re going for, this may be your thing. I woke up truly smelling and feeling like a dirty Mexican. I just can’t see myself buying this instead of, well…any tequila out there. Leave it on the shelf.

Tony’s Review:

“Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien también.” (For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, too)

 We started off with a few drinks of this last weekend. As usual I threw together an alcohol and soda combination, and I wasn’t really impressed with it. Mezcal is supposed to have a smokey flavor but, all I could think of was that I was drinking a dirty tequila…and by dirty I mean really dirty, like a Tijuana donkey show with three midgets, a donkey, four ping pong balls, a coke bottle, a spatula, two Band-Aids, and a blender. I was a little disappointed and figured, well here comes another bad review. I honestly didn’t really give it a chance and I sort of switched back over another drink to finish off the night.

 I ended up revisiting Monte again a day later and while it still tasted dirty, and by dirty I mean dirty like an over the hill Las Vegas stripper that I should have never gotten a dance from that I thought would be funny at the time but ended up just being awkward…ok no more dirty jokes, I somehow just kept drinking it. Before I knew it I had finished off the bottle and if we had another one lying around, I probably would have cracked that one open too. I have a theory as to why this occurred. In Mexico, mezcal is sometimes referred to as the “elixir of the gods”. And since I still didn’t really enjoy the flavor, and intended to write a bad review on it, the Mezcal Gods knew this and attempted to smite me by making me get blackout drunk and ruin my following day with a hangover. Silly mezcal gods. Little did they know, I’m pretty much a professional alcoholic. I woke up still a bit intoxicated, but otherwise I was in good shape.

 The “worm” on the other hand was delicious and my favorite part of the experience. In my opinion they should just fill container with these little mezcal saturated bugs and sell that. The worm is actually the larval form of the moth Hypopta agavis that lives on the agave plant. (Now even if you didn’t like the review, you can at least say you learned something!) I popped it in my mouth and as I bit down there was a small explosion of an almost fresh tasting alcohol and little worm bits. It might have tasted differently if I wasn’t already drunk, but I would expect most drinkers would have a good buzz going by the time they reached him too. All in all I don’t think I will be purchasing this one again, but I would recommend that everyone give it at least one shot before dismissing it completely.

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