How to: pre-mix drinks in sealed bottles.

Let’s face it. Going to the park or beach
is just better with some drinks. However, getting caught with open
bottles could cut your day short and potentially cause you some
problems. So, how do you get drunk out in public without getting caught
with open bottles? Simple; hide your alcohol in sealed, premixed bottles
of soda. Duh!

It’s actually very simple but it does take some work.

What you’ll need:

  • Boiling water
  • Scissors
  • A screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • A funnel
  • Two bottles
  • A band-aid
  • And a spatula

going to want to boil your water ahead of time since this is pretty
much the part that takes the longest. Once you have that going, it’s
time for the next step.

  • Cut the top off of one of your bottles.
    Don’t twist the cap, just cut along the small portion at the top that
    doesn’t have any liquid. It may take some work, and things may get a
    little messy, but it’s worth it.
  • Empty your second bottle. You
    can twist the cap off of this one. Be sure to cut the little ring that
    the cap leaves behind since it’s just going to get in the way later on.
  • Create
    your drink. Go ahead and funnel in your favorite alcoholic mixture in
    to the bottle you just opened/emptied. This step may get tricky since your
    mixing large amounts of liquid. Taste test your creation prior to
    continuing to make sure what you create is tolerable. Be sure to top it
    off so it doesn’t look tampered with.
  • Drop the top that you cut
    off of your first bottle in to the boiling water. It shouldn’t take long
    for the plastic to become soft enough for you to pry the sealed cap
    off. Use your pliers and screwdriver for this, not your fingers. Once
    you pry the cap off, take it out of the water and set it aside until
    it’s cool enough for you to handle.
  • Now it’s time to reseal the bottle with your alcoholic mixture by simple twisting on the sealed cap.

there you have it. A (not so quick) way of sneaking in premixed drinks
in to pretty much anywhere they allow you to have bottles of soda.
You can do the same with water bottles if you feel the need to sneak in straight vodka.

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