How to: stay sober, longer.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to drink but you don’t want to get drunk? Me neither, but sometimes life tosses you curve-balls that make no sense.

Now, it’s literally impossible to not get drunk if you’re drinking alcohol. But there’s a few tricks to help keep you from becoming the first mumbling, obnoxious drunk guy at your next office party that’s spiking the punch bowl with that days lunch. Here’s a few tips for you to enjoy your night (or day, if you’re in to that kind of thing) without getting drunk as quickly:

  • Dilution – You should’ve learned this in grade school, and if you haven’t then you wasted your childhood; congratulations. By reducing the amount of alcohol in your red Solo cup and adding more ice and soda, you’re going to dilute the alcohol content in your drink. Following a cup of your favorite alcoholic mixture with some water also helps.
  • Avoid the Vapors – When taking sips, or chugging your drink, avoid breathing in. Alcohol is volatile and has a higher vapor pressure than some mixers. Depending on what your mixer is, there can actually be ethanol vapor floating at the top of your cup. Breathing this in long enough will add to your drunkenness since alcohol vapor enters your bloodstream faster.
  • Sublingual Absorption – Don’t let your drink sit in your mouth for too long. The molecules that make up alcohol are actually small enough to be absorbed by the blood vessels under your tongue. Swallow your drink quickly or use a straw.
  • Absorption – Having something in your stomach while you drink can help absorb some of the alcohol and help delay the absorption of alcohol in to your blood stream. Foods rich in fat are best.

But of course, there’s different factors to consider. You have your mood, the way alcohol naturally reacts to your body, your size, health, gender and tolerance.

To sum this all up, don’t sit there snorting lines of straight Jack before gargling your drink on an empty stomach. Oh, and drink some water and have a steak while you’re at it.

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