New Liqueur Wednesday

I know the site is called New Liquor Friday, and this isn’t going to be a regular installment yet, but I’ve been wanting to post a list of some of our favorite liqueurs that we’ve stumbled across. Now I used to think all liqueurs were overly sweet girly drinks and sweet mixers, but I was wrong. I’ve found some that are very strong, some that are great shooters, and some that are great on ice.

 You might be wondering what exactly the difference between liquor and a liqueur is. The easiest way to explain it is: Liquor is an alcoholic drink that’s distilled from grains or plants, such as rum, vodka, gin, or whiskey. A liqueur is a sweet or herbal alcoholic drink that’s made from fruit, herbs, flowers, nuts, and spices. Liqueurs will also sometimes use a liquor as a base and starting point. Now that you know the differences, here’s a quick list of five of my current favorites, in no particular order.

 Hiram Walker Caramel Apple

This tastes like what you think it would. It’s a great shot, but it’s also very sweet.

 Schonauer Apfel

This tastes exactly like apple juice. Drink it on ice, do shots, or drink it with breakfast.

 Wild Turkey American Honey

This one really surprised me. It doesn’t taste like Wild turkey or honey. I can’t really explain the flavor too much other than that it’s great.

 Dr. McGillicuddy Intense Cherry

This tastes like real cherries, not the artificial cough syrup that you might expect, and is another great shooter.

 Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur

This 100 proof tastes a little sweeter than the 90 proof bourbon, but it’s amazing with coke. This goes down almost too easy.

 All five of these are great for parties, and are great to mix in with the harder stuff. I’m sure there are a lot more great ones out there, and I’m sure we will eventually find them, but I would really like to see some feed back on some of your favorites.

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  1. That was great ! I’m for sure going to try the WILD TURKEY AMERICAN HONEY. I have always liked Wild Turkey. Was my drink of choice when I was much younger. GREAT IDEA

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