NLF: Conjure Cognac

Conjure Cognac
80 Proof – Brandy
Approx. $22.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review:
Tonight I’m reviewing something a little different, cognac. I really wanted something out of the norm and it seemed like every liquor store I went in, there was a bottle of Conjure staring me down. So I grabbed a bottle, but before I left the store I was told by the girl behind the counter to look closely at the bottle. So I did, but not knowing what I was looking for, and not wanting to look like an ass, I gave up pretty quickly. She then told me that the bottle has a bunch of naked girls all over it. At second glance, I did notice the etching on the bottle was in fact, creating mini naked girls.

Once we got back to the house I popped the top and gave it a sniff. To me it smelled like whiskey with a hint of tequila. After that aroma I started to get second thoughts, but I’m glad I continued on. I poured some on ice and gave it a sip. The taste was nothing like it smelled. It has a smooth almost watered down whiskey flavor with a little bit of apple at the end. It does have a slight burn but not too much. I really enjoyed this straight after the ice melted a little, but I went ahead and mixed it with some coke. It wasn’t as impressive, but still pretty good.

This drink in my opinion would be great with most fruit juices. And it appears that they think so too, because after going through all of recipes on their website, almost all of them contain chopped fruit and various juices. But I never got around to trying them or even taking a regular shot of it, because a friend of mine really liked it and finished the bottle before I got a chance to. Thanks Vance. All in all, LUDA!! has his name on some pretty good stuff. I would definitely recommend it.

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