NLF: Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum
70 Proof – Rum
Approx. $13.99 750ml

Tony’s review:
Have you ever thought about becoming a pirate. Well, whether you have or not, I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I’m pretty sure I have a decent plan to become one. My only obstacle is trying to figure out how to avoid our coast guard and navy. Even though it might not be a suitable profession these days with the current oceanic defenses, way back in the day you could become a legal pirate by becoming a privateer for your country and raiding and pillaging opposing country’s boats and land. Which is exactly how Captain Henry Morgan became one of the most successful privateers in history. Not only did he have  a series of rums named after him, he also was one of the most lucrative and ruthless privateers to ever roam the seas. While I don’t yet own my own ship, I have acquired my own kayak, which for now, is only used for recreational purposes. I do think that if I had a few barrels of rum on my vessel, which was a staple of most pirate/privateer ships, I could muster the courage to attempt to overtake a few nearby boats. But until that happens, I guess I’ll have to stick with drinking on land when I get the chance, and tonight I was given that option with a brand new bottle of Captain Morgan Silver spiced rum.

I went into this expecting another Bacardi silver knock off, but I was actually surprised once I had a chance to try some straight. It’s sweet and smooth with just a slight burn. There’s a nice vanilla-ish taste that’s not too overpowering. It also seems like there’s some simple syrup already mixed straight into the bottle. It actually quite sip-able, but I personally would rather have a good whiskey any day. It’s still not bad though, don’t get me wrong. It also has a pretty pleasant refreshing aftertaste that was also able to amaze me by how it left my mouth feeling somewhat minty fresh. Which was kind of weird because I didn’t taste anything mint-like while drinking it. It might just be me, maybe I was having a slight stroke (which I think I’m due for one soon due to my unhealthy lifestyle), or maybe it was just somehow amplifying my menthol smokes to a point. Whatever the cause, it was definitely there. On a side note, this would be a great party situation shot. It goes down so smooth that nearly anyone could down this with no excuses.

Even though I liked it straight as much as i did, I thought it would be great in a mixed drink like a daiquiri, mojito, or something like that. But since I’m not much of a fan of anything like those, I made my own mixture. It called a Silver Soda and here are the ingredients:

3 oz Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum
2 oz Soda of your choice
3 to 4 cubes of ice

Most of you might think that this is just a regular Rum and coke mix, and in all honesty, you are correct. I don’t really bother with making fancy mixed drinks for myself, sorry. But hey, it’s actually pretty decent. Especially if you like a sweeter version of rum and coke. It loses some of it’s shine when mixed, but it still does a decent job of making a mixed cocktail. You might want to stick with a harder alcohol though if you’re not really into that style of drink. I’m pretty sure that this is what it was intended for, so I can’t really knock it.

While I might not ever have a chance of becoming an actual pirate, I can at least pretend to be one one with enough liquor. And the good old Captain Morgan has made sure to keep my options open with a wide variety of rums. And while Mr. Morgan has become a jack of all trades, master of none rum distributor, it at least went pretty high on the list of sweet rums with this bottle. If that’s not your cup of tea, then you should just pass this up, but if that’s what you’re into, then you should definitely bring some home to try for yourself.

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