NLF: Jefferson’s Bourbon

Jefferson’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
82.3 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $31.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review:
Recently I got to try a bottle of Jefferson’s bourbon and ended up pouring it down the drain, but I promise you, not for the reason you would think. Last weekend I planned a little birthday getaway to Treasure Island, FL and I brought this bottle with me. The plan was to relax, have a few drinks and lower the fish population. Well, things don’t always go as planned. We showed up to what looked like a nice quiet resort right on the water with three fishing docks.Quiet usually scares me a little because I know my friends were stopping by later, and we are known to get a little loud. I thought to myself “No problem. We’re here to relax, so it shouldn’t be a problem”. While waiting for my always late friends, I started noticing some chatter outside and people walking around the pool. Being a little nosy, and wanting to grab a smoke, I walked outside and instantly had a front row seat to a very heated argument that my neighbors were having. Not being able to understand Spanish, I had no idea what was going on, but I did catch a few threats and a good amount of “she always does this when she drinks”.

After the yelling and screaming subsided, I went back inside to wait some more for my now even later friends. Once everyone had arrived, we grabbed some dinner and headed to the kitchen for some drinks. I told everyone I brought a new bottle with me to try, and I really wanted to get everyone’s opinion for my upcoming review. One non-bourbon drinker bowed out instantly, but Tony and Rahmin were ready and willing. Everyone enjoyed drinking it neat on ice. It’s really balanced. A little spicy and a little sweet. It is slightly oily, but it doesn’t linger too long. There is a burn but it’s barely noticeable, and it’s easy to drink, but nothing really stood out to any of us. Trying to take it slow, we decided to head out and do some fishing.

This time when I stepped outside, the angry screaming people were no where to be found and sadly, neither were the fish. We hit a slack tide, and after about an hour, we realized we were just wasting precious drinking time. We headed back inside and during this round of drinking, we splashed the Jefferson’s with some ginger beer. After the first sip, we collectively thought that this bottle should be packaged and sold with a few ginger beers to go with it. It made this somewhat average bourbon really standout, and revealed flavors that were previously nonexistent. The “little spicy and a little sweet” mentioned before had finally grown up to a full flavor. Now it had a bold black pepper kick followed by a creaminess that’s very enjoyable.

Now that everyone knew the secret, I didn’t think this bottle would last too long, but luckily, the guys knew this was going to be my next review and went light on it for me. It didn’t hurt that we also brought a cooler full of beers to drink as well. Next the night took a strange turn. We ended up outside with Rahmin and his guitar. After a few strums of the strings, a random dude showed up asking to hear a song. Rahmin didn’t disappoint and started singing Mike Pinto’s “Bad Luck” as if he knew what was about to happen. Halfway through the song, the random dude disappeared, only to return shortly with the “always gets like this when she drinks” girl. As Rahmin was finishing up the song, the woman interrupted him at least three times to tell him he should be on The Voice, then proceeded to demand another song. This time he sang Matisyahu’s “One Day”. As soon as he started, she decided to let him know, by screaming over him, ” I love Bob Marley!”, and then stumbled away into the darkness. We had some laughs and some friends headed home. We tried to talk Rahmin into staying, but he kept going on about working in the morning.

So then it was just Tony and I sitting outside and we decided that we  were going to give fishing another try, but before we could head out, the “Always gets like this” girl showed up again alone and somehow more drunk than before. This lady began a three to four hour rant about why she hates white people, Puerto Rican people, some lady at her office, her anger management class, her family, and everything else. Somewhere in between the police records and “some bitch with a chip on her shoulder” (didn’t catch her name) stories, I had almost finished the bottle of Jefferson’s. I intended to just empty the bottle into my cup and make a fairly strong drink to top the night off, but as I picked up the bottle, apparently her drunken eyes made contact with it and she stopped mid ramble to blurt out “Let me try some of that!” as she grabbed the bottle and took a big swig… straight out of the bottle, as if we were bestest bum friends sitting next to a dumpster behind 7-11. For the rest of her ramble, I just stared at my tainted bottle until she finally went home. And as I mentioned before, I had to pour what was left down the drain, even though I did really enjoy this bottle mixed.

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