NLF: Midnight Moon Strawberry

Midnight Moon Strawberry
100 Proof – Grain Alcohol
Approx. $19.99 750ml

Christal’s Review:
Recently I had a discussion with someone who was curious if I’ve ever tried the moonshine that looks like it has rotten strawberries in it. Unfortunately the answer was no and I was not able to give my opinion about it. I’ve seen it in the store several times and I have always just walked right passed it since it didn’t look very eye appealing. That changed last weekend after I decided it was time to finally pick up some Midnight Moon Strawberry moonshine. After taking a good look at the contents of the bottle, I noticed the strawberries had a white greyish look and there’s a fair amount of sediment floating in the bottle as well. Before I was going to drink something that looked like it contained spoiled fruit, I had to check out their website to find out more about it. Apparently, the color of the moonshine comes from the shine stripping the color and flavor from the strawberries.

I proceeded to pour some into a cup straight, and the aroma that escaped was very potent. I immediately thought it was going to have a strong fruit flavor like another moonshine that I’ve tried in the past. (Which was an apple pie flavor). I was extremely wrong. My mouth and throat were instantly introduced to a burning sensation. The burn just completely overpowered any flavor that there might have been. There was no way I was going to drink it straight again, so I made a mixture of shine and berry juice. It was much easier to drink this way, even as a half and half mix, because it manages to cut out a good chunk of the burn. It also somewhat hides the fact that its a 100 proof moonshine as you drink it, but only in the flavor as the buzz still kicks in fairly quick.

With the tasting portion taken care of, I feel like I have to go back to the appearance. I know I mentioned the look of strawberries quite a bit earlier, but dammit they’re
greyish and strawberries should never be grey! If it was my brand, I
would have just strained the fruit out after all the color and flavor had been
extracted. Normally seeing some fruit floating in the bottle may be a nice marketing trick to get someone to pick up your bottle, but it only works if the stuff bobbing around there still looks appetizing. So in spite of the look of Midnight Moon’s strawberries, I still have mixed feelings on this buy when it comes to the flavor. The burn was so strong that I ended up sweating, which made drinking it straight almost completely impossible, but the mixed version did work very well. So, it’s not something that I would seek out to buy again, but at least now, I’ll have an opinion on the drink if ever asked again.

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