NLF: Captain Apple Jack


Captain Apple Jack
80 Proof – Brandy / Grain Alcohol
Approx. $15.99 750ml


Christal’s Review:
Earlier this week, while I was at the liquor store picking up stuff for Tony’s belated birthday extravaganza, I started searching for some new shooters to change it up a bit. I ended up coming across a bottle we’ve had a few times called Apfel, which is an apple liquor that taste like apple juice and goes down way too easy. Next to it I found tonight’s choice called Captain Apple Jack. It’s a blend off 35% apple brandy and 65% grain neutral spirits. I found it odd that it wasn’t in the brandy isle, but rather next to the liqueurs. I figured it must be pretty sweet and have a potent apple taste as well. So I threw it in my cart and brought it home with me.

Later that night, I popped the cap, gave it a whiff, and immediately knew that my assumption was wrong and became instantly filled with regret. Even with my reluctance, I still felt that I had to try it as a shot, so I poured myself one and downed it. (I won’t lie, it was only a half shot) I hated it. It tasted more like a whiskey, and there was a complete lack of apple flavor. From what I know of grain spirits, they are typically tasteless and take on the flavor of whatever you mix it with. Evidently, they must make a really crappy apple brandy. I probably should have just stopped there, but I continued to drink this swill and assumed I could salvage it by mixing it with some Pepsi. Once again, my assumption was wrong, but in order to give it a fair enough chance, I thought I should at least finish the glass I made. So I chugged it down as fast as possible, hoping that if I didn’t let it sit too long, I wouldn’t have to actually taste it. I found this to be the most effective way of drinking it.

I feel like they didn’t even try their own product. If you’re going to have the word apple in the name, your liquor should contain at least a trace of a notable apple flavor. I was highly disappointed, but figured since I’m not a whiskey drinker, I’d have Jeff give it a try before completely recommending everyone stay clear of this bottle. Without me telling him how I felt about it, he said it reminded him of a watered down version of Jack Daniels, and it was no where near what he would call good. If that happens to be what you’re looking for, then go the whiskey isle, check out the bottom shelf, and actually get a whiskey, not an “apple brandy blend”.

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