NLF: Ciroc Pineapple


Ciroc Pineapple
70 Proof – Vodka
Approx. $24.99 750 ml

Christal’s Review:
Tonight, I did not have time to search the store and read the bottles to pick something that was stand out. I simply went into the store and asked the first employee what the newest rum or liquor was, and he recommended the Ciroc pineapple. I asked what all the cool kids were mixing with it and he told me just pineapple juice. I took all of his recommendations and just hoped for the best.

I got home popped the bottle and smelled it, as I like to do with almost any liquor I drink, and it smelled just like the pineapple juice that I also opened. I had a 50\50 mix and OMG was it good. I love pineapple juice and that is exactly how it tasted, even as a mixed drink. I feel like this vodka could be really dangerous. It’s so easy drink. It is only 70 proof but I am already feeling the effects after 2 drinks. I was curious as to how strong I could make it before I started to get too much of a vodka taste and I found that if 75% is liquor that it tastes exactly the same as the 50\50 mix. I then took a shot  and frankly Ciroc was on point with this. I had never had Ciroc before but I would have to put them in my top 5 vodka brands. If their flavored vodka is this good their straight has to be amazing. Even without ever having their non flavored vodka I would feel comfortable recommending it.

So apparently my parents were wrong when I was a kid, talking to strangers is not a bad thing. Pick it up and give it a try you can’t go wrong. I normally mix with soda but I feel like unless its pineapple soda it might not be very good. I did try it with pineapple juice, and I have to say, it simply makes pineapple juice even better. No lie. So pick up a bottle of pineapple juice and you will be thanking me later.  It’s taken me a little while to write this and my effects have not worn off at all. So…to sum it all up…great buzz, great taste, get some.

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