NLF: Crown Royal Regal Apple

Crown Apple
Crown Royal Regal Apple
70 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $24.99 750ml

Christal’s Review:
Right outside one of my local liquor stores was a billboard for Crown Royal Apple. I figured this was my literal sign to get it. However, after walking around the aisles for a little bit, I broke down and ended up asking the cashier where it was. I was then told that they do not carry it yet. I continued to see the same billboard several times over the next few weeks until I finally found it.

It appears that Crown Royal has officially jumped on the flavored liquor band wagon. They had a maple version that I was not particularly fond of, but I still had hope for their newest apple version. I had it on some ice first, which has an overwhelming artificial apple flavor, but also has a good caramel after taste from the whiskey. I mixed it with cola next and it allowed more of the whiskey flavor to shine, and hid most off the apple taste to the point that it was just a mere accent flavor now. I then tried it mixed with an apple soda and this is where it shined. It gave it more of an authentic apple flavor. I know a lot of whiskey drinkers like to have their whiskey straight or on ice, but this one appears to be much more of a mixing liquor.

If your looking for a new spin on your whiskey and coke mix I would recommend this bottle. Especially for this time of year to get you into that fall-holiday mood. I wouldn’t say its going to be as big as other flavored whiskeys, like Fireball, but for people that are sick and tired of those will be glad to see that there is a new edition to their whiskey choices. Also, just as you would expect with any of Crown Royal’s bottles, it comes in a green version of their classic bags.

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