NLF: Rebellion Bourbon

rebellion bourbon
Rebellion Bourbon
92 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $42.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review:
Tonight, I’m drinking Rebellion Bourbon. We ended up with this bottle a few days ago after finding out our local liquor store was out of Wiser’s. The man behind the counter highly recommended it, and even though I was really in the mood for something I already knew I liked, we decided to give it a try anyway. I had a few drinks that night with some coke and I wasn’t unhappy with it, but it didn’t wow me either. Tonight as soon as I got home from work I tried again but this time neat and there is a lot more going on. I get all the basic flavors, but what stands out is a heavy oak, some cherry, and the longer than average finish. Its smooth, but not boring, and there’s a mellow burn that stays around almost as long as the after taste. I get some white pepper spice, some sweet caramel, and honey at the finish. I was enjoying this more than I expected after trying it the first night. I went ahead and added some ice to the mix and this is when it became very mediocre. The ice made this bottle boring, it became sweet and well, to be honest, very average.

I know everyone has their opinions on what a perfect bourbon tastes like, but its pretty simple to me. I’ll explain my perfect bottle. First off, I don’t like spending too much money, so it needs to be affordable or free. Secondly, the type of bottle is pretty important, it needs not to leak. It also needs an interesting nose, I like to sniff it and instantly become happy and thirsty. I like a lot of flavor, but it needs to be balanced as I don’t like one thing to stand out over all the other flavors. The flavor also needs to be able to change with the mood I’m in. I like a little bit of burn, somewhere between water and moonshine. I always like my bourbon to compliment a good cigarette and what ever horrible food I’m shoving in my mouth. The finish is important too. It needs to be memorable, but not annoying. And to finish up my perfect bourbon, it needs to be healthy for me in large quantities, make me a super interesting person and not give me a hangover. Unrealistic? Maybe a little, but I did say perfect bottle, and like the old saying that I just made up says, “always have stupid high expectations for your booze, or we all looze.”

So to sum up my review on Rebellion Bourbon, it wasn’t free, the bottle didn’t leak until I manually removed the cork. It smells good, but its not emotion changing. It does have a lot of flavor, and still stays balanced, but it didn’t change when I became happier. The burn was within the boundaries. It paired really well with my southwest egg rolls and chicken tenders. The finish lingers a little to long for me. I’m also pretty sure it’s not very healthy going by the warnings on the bottle. My dogs found me to be extremely interesting while I was drinking it and eating chicken tenders and egg rolls. And for the hangover I will have to wait and see. I would definitely recommend you grab a bottle because as you can tell from this review, it will get you drunk.

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