NLF: UV Salty Watermelon


UV Salty Watermelon
60 Proof – Vodka
Approx: $8.99 750ml

Tony’s Review:
Well I forgot to grab a new bottle for tonight’s review, but luckily we still had one left over from a previous get together. I was initially worried, because if a bottle lasts through a meeting of our friends, then there’s usually a good reason for it to do so. But, due to my inability to plan ahead, I was stuck with UV Salty Watermelon as my review for tonight.

I started the night off with just a few cubes of ice. It pretty much tasted like I took a glass down to the beach, scooped up some of the ocean and splashed some watermelon on top. Salt is definitely the most prominent flavor, and it’s a little overpowering. Aside from that it still goes down smooth as long as the “I’m drinking saltwater” thought doesn’t bother you. Once the ice melted, I tried a few shots, and it’s basically the same thing, but now with a longer than wanted salty aftertaste.

I had to move on quickly to try to find a way to cut down on the saltiness. I looked up some recipes on their site, and they said to mix it with lemon-lime soda to make a cooler style drink. Well I didn’t have any Sprite or 7up, so I went with some Mountain Dew. It was definietly better, but still not good any still too salty. It tasted like the people at Mountain Dew came out with another new flavor that was “Now packed with Sodium!”. After trying that I don’t see how using a less potent flavored soda, would be any better.

I was about to call it a night after that, but I thought I would at least give it one more try and mix it with something else. Well, while I was blankly staring in the fridge trying to pick out something that sounded good, I think Christal noticed that I was not getting anywhere and letting out all of the cold air, so she suggested I try some sweet and sour mix. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I attempted to make a makeshift margarita. I didn’t quite have everything I needed but went ahead and made one anyway. I eyeballed all of my measurements, but I think the recipe went something like this:

2 shots of UV Salty Watermelon
3/4 of a shot of Triple Sec
2 to 3 Shots of Sweet and Sour mix
2 cubes of ice

It actually turned out to be not that bad. It almost tasted like I made a watermelon margarita, with a little bit of added salt. the weird thing was that it wasn’t until now that I could actually taste some of the watermelon. The salt was finally less pronounced and it seemed to compliment the drink rather than ruin it. I could probably drink a few of these if I had to without complaining. i do prefer a regular ‘rita with tequila though, but that’s just my personal preference.

It started out pretty awful, but towards the end this bottle wasn’t that bad once I figured out what to mix it with. Without a question, I don’t like it straight. I did however start to like it after I figured out how to hide it’s most prominent flavor, but if you have to do that to drink a liquor, I think it’s safe to say they missed the mark. And while it turned out to be “okay” in the end, I don’t think we’ll be picking up a second bottle of UV Salty Watermelon.

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