NLF: Diplomatico Anejo


Diplomatico Anejo
80 Proof  – Rum
Approx. $15.99 750ml

Tony’s Review:
I don’t recall exactly, but around a month ago, we were sitting around drinking with a couple friends waiting for the cable guy to show up before we went out to do some more drinking. Normally, we would reschedule stuff like that for when we didn’t have plans, but this was quite important. We were upgrading our network speed to play various online video games for whenever we had nothing better to do. Which is fairly often… After he was done, we offered him a drink, but he had a few more jobs to do, and apparently more work ethic than I possess, so he had to decline. He did however end up talking to us for awhile and sharing some of his alcohol knowledge. When all was said and done, he ended up informing us about a few of his favorites, one of which was tonight’s bottle, Diplomatico Anejo. Well, to be honest, he only mentioned the name Diplomatico, whether or not it was the anejo version was left to speculation. But this was the first time we’ve seen this brand after hearing about it, so we said what the hell, why not?

I started off with a pair of ice cubes to start the night off, and I immediately thought, “Wow, this is surprisingly unspectacular.” It just tasted like any old rum with not too much flavor and just a regular burn. It turned out that this was just due to the initial liquor shock to the tongue, because the next few sips seemed like night and day. The second sip brought more flavor and and a smoother finish. Now I could taste what I could only call a fruity wood flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet or anything like that. The flavor is fairly faint, but it is at least noticeable. I was also unable to pick out any particular type of fruit, as it seemed more like a fruit punch-like flavor than anything specific. And I also wanted to make it clear that the wood part of the flavor is more like barrel is was aged in and not just some random tree bark. Overall, it was pretty good and definitely a decent sipping rum.

Once the ice was melted and the first glass finished, I tried some straight. To be honest, there’s not much to say here. Simply take the iced down version, remove a little bit of the flavor, add a little bit more of a regular alcohol taste, and double up on the burn, but still somehow make it go down smooth. While it is still better than a lot of rums out there, this would not be what I would call the best way to drink this. I would much rather take shots of Diplomatico than say, regular old Captain Morgan or any other cheap rum, but if given the choice, I would much rather have a glass of ice, take a few sips, and actually enjoy the liquor.

And no Rum review would be complete without giving a good old rum n’ coke a try. I went with a half and half mix and it was decent. And I say decent because it wasn’t until now that it started to get a little sweet. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t something that I could drink all night. I prefer a grainy, smokey, charred barrel flavor type of liquor when it comes to endurance drinking. The sugary stuff seems to wear out its welcome in the tummy party faster than normal. And while I wouldn’t call this rum sugary by itself, when it’s mixed with somewhere near the 40 grams of sugar found in my soda, it somehow just puts it over the top for me. But I’m also the type of person who doesn’t really enjoy a daiquiri either, so if that you’re kind of thing, that you should defienilty try substituting this rum over whatever you’ve been using. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the outcome.

Diplomatico Anejo turned out to be a pretty decent rum as long as it’s consumed properly. When on ice, it’s at its best. Straight is still good, but not amazing. With soda, it’s debatable depending on your preference. And after all of the actual tasting, if you take a look at the price, it makes it that much better. I don’t think I know of another great sipping rum for under twenty dollars a bottle. That alone makes this worth a buy. So if you’re looking for something new to try and don’t want to break the bank to do so, you need to give this rum a shot.


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