NLF: Sunshine Moonshine Sunrise

Sunshine Sunrise

Sunshine Moonshine Sunrise
109 proof – Grain Alcohol
Approx. $24.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review:
Over the years we’ve reviewed a few liquors that are made in Florida, but tonight, I’m reviewing one made right down the road. Sunshine Moonshine is distilled by Florida Cane distillery in Tampa, Florida and they make four flavors.

The first is Sunrise, which says it has a combination of flavors such as baked apple pie, buttery vanilla, and a hot pepper kick at the end. Then there’s High Noon: a blast of cinnamon inspired by a burning hot sun, definitely spicy and delicious. Third is Sunset: the flavors here are English toffee with a hint of Florida oranges. And finally Midnight: Blueberry blackberry, and a hint of anise. I’ll eventually try to get my hands on them all, but it just makes sense to start with the Sunrise.

When I opened the bottle, I got a whiff of a spicy baked apple pie. The spice really confused my senses a little, but intrigued me as well. I’m sure like most of you, I have had a few store bought and not so store bought apple pie moonshines. Some good and some bad, but been there, done that.

I really didn’t know how I should try this since its 109 proof, but I didn’t want to break tradition, so I tried it straight. They really hit it on the nose with the description on the bottle, its tastes like an apple pie with a pepper after taste, the buttery sweetness is rich, but the spice shuts it down before becoming to much. It’s weird drinking something with so much flavor, that’s also crystal clear.

After a few sips it became a little syrupy, so I dropped some ice in my cup. This really helped smooth out the sweetness and made it very easy to drink. The pepper spice at the end started to fade away but so did the sweetness. I believe this is the way it should be consumed, but I still needed to try it mixed.

After searching the kitchen for a mixer, I found some apple juice which seemed like my best choice. I went with a half and half mix with a few ice cubes, and well, I think I made a date rape drink. You can’t tell there’s a 109 proof moonshine mixed in with my apple juice. Most of the flavors disappear but there is enough left to make the juice interesting.

I really enjoyed this a lot more than the other store bought shines out there and I think you could make some interesting cocktail with it too. I would grab this bottle again but next time I’ll grab the other three with it.

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