NLF: Hornitos Black Barrel


Hornitos Black Barrel
80 Proof – Tequila
Approx $29.99 750ml

Tony’s Review:
Not too long ago, I discovered some very sad news. Something very close to my heart, that I had held dear for many years, was no longer part of this world. After several seasons of service, Jose Cuervo had decided to discontinue their Black Medallion tequila for whatever idiotic reason. It was as if I had lost a family member, just knowing that I would probably never see them again, it almost brought a tear to my eye. (Just almost… it wasn’t a real family member, and as far as I know, I’m not a psychopath…) So you could not imagine my joy when I received as a Christmas gift, a bottle of Hornitos Black Barrel tequila. It sounded like the same thing; a tequila aged in whiskey barrels to give it a unique taste. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to pop the cork on this bottle.

The next day, (There was too much family oriented stuff going on for me to start downing a bottle of tequila around everyone on Christmas day), I opened it up and went to town. Straight, it starts off with a charred oaky flavor that ends with a peppery finish, and has a bit of anejo tequila showing up in the aftertaste. It’s also accompanied by a stronger than expected burn. It’s not too bad, but I don’t believe that this is what this tequila was meant for. So I immediately mixed my next glass with some soda, and discovered that this is what I feel they intended this bottle for. It’s just as good as any whiskey and coke, with a little bit of tequila mixed in there as well just as an added bonus.

I felt like I had possibly found a replacement for my Cuervo Black. The flavor is damn near close, but I would say lacks just a little bit of boldness that I was used to. Other than that it’s damn near on the money. It’s rare that I have to look for a replacement for a favorite, and it’s even more rare that I find something that does so well at filling in. Especially when it had some pretty big shoes to fill. If you ever tried Cuervo’s version, you’ll probably like this one too. And if you haven’t you’ll still probably like this anyway. So if you’re looking for something different to try, then I would highly recommend you grab yourself a bottle or two of Hornitos Black Label and give it a try.

P.S. I also wrote this review earlier this week before the year ended, so to make sure I didn’t forget, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone, and hopefully you all had a liquor infused and safe holiday!

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