NLF: El Zarco Gold Tequila


El Zarco Gold Tequila
80 Proof – Tequila
Approx. $9.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review:
The bottle I’m reviewing tonight was picked by Christal. When she brought it back from the store, all she said as she was handing it to me was, “nine bucks”. She was pretty happy with herself, she found something we haven’t reviewed for under ten dollars. I, on the other hand was not very happy that I would have to drink and review a cheap tequila.

This being one of the cheapest tequilas we have reviewed, I was pretty curious if there was any info online about it. This bottle got interesting pretty quick, the first thing I found was a review. The review in short, said that El Zarco was Bill Nye the science guy’s tequila brand. It also said he came up with a “Tristillation” process and even made a YouTube video explaining it. This is were things got weird and confusing. I couldn’t find the video or anything else that mentioned Bill Nye having a tequila. The only other thing that came up when I typed “El Zarco” was the website.

So I checked it out and well.. I’m still pretty confused. The site has a few videos that mention tristillation that make no sense and the best part was when I clicked on the “purchase Zarco” link, it took me to a Hangar 1 Vodka page. The Hanger 1 page just asked me if I was having fun, at this point I decided I didn’t want to go any further down this rabbit hole and just poured myself some tequila neat.

As soon it touched my lips I got a little sweetness that disappeared quickly to a white pepper and some oakiness. It’s bold and more earthy than I prefer, there is no burn, but there is an oily aftertaste that lingers for a little to long. Before finishing my first glass the aftertaste became annoying and started ruining the flavors that I did enjoy.

I added some ice to my next glass and it helped mellow everything out and even shortened the aftertaste. This is very drinkable on ice and that really surprises me because of the cost of the bottle. I really assumed this would be a mix only tequila and a bad one at that, but I was wrong.

I didn’t have anything a normal person would mix this with but I did try it with a few random juices and it was fine. I’m sure it would make a pretty good margarita or any other cocktail that calls for a gold tequila.

What makes this bottle a little different is that most tequilas that pack a lot of flavor, have more of a bite and a burn to them. El Zarco is tame, but there is a lot going on, just don’t ask too many questions, because I think Bill Nye is up to something shady.

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  1. Tasting it for the first time at this very moment…….. For the $9.99 I paid,very pleasantly surprised…….. There is no barrel aging, but the bottle never mentioned caramel coloring added…….. Heavier than Cuervo….. But sweeter..

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