NLF: Guy Harvey Caribbean Spiced Rum


Guy Harvey Caribbean Spiced Rum
70 Proof – Rum
Approx. $14.99 750ml

Tony’s Review:
When I was younger I was a pretty big fan of Guy Harvey’s artwork, which primarily  consists of targeted game fish, simply because back in those days, fishing and art were some of my favorite pastimes. Hell, Jeff and I actually went to school to become commercial artists and had a couple jobs here and there, but we lost interest and moved on to other ventures. Now that I’m a little older, and that Guy Harvey has gotten himself into the rum business, I think I can still be a big fan of his, mainly because nowadays, fishing and drinking have become my current favorite pastimes. I was able to put that fandom to the test this week when Christal found a bottle at a local liquor store and brought it home.

I went ahead and just poured some straight into my glass to start it off. When sipped, there is just a slight sweetness at the tip of the tongue that fades away quickly. I was actually relieved by that, because recently, almost every rum I’ve tried drinking has just been a little too sweet tasting for my liking. The flavor itself wasn’t too bad either. It’s a very smooth well mixed combination of spices that are blended so well that I could barely pick out anything specific. I was able to get some very faint anise and vanilla flavors, mixed with just a light hint of uncharred wood, but that was it. Oh and the burn was different as well. I hardly got anything in the throat at all, it was almost all towards the front of the tongue where the little bit of sweetness previously showed up.

It made one hell of a sipping rum, which for me, is hard to find. I ended up having a few more glasses before I had to stop and check out how it mixed before the bottle was empty. I just added a little soda and gave it a try. I have to say, it continued to impress and made a pretty good rum & coke. It wasn’t too sweet, even with a sugary mixer like soda, and it didn’t just taste like I mixed in a cheap raw alcohol either. Some rums just seem to lose their flavor when mixed and taste like you might as well of just added rubbing alcohol to your drink, but Guy Harvey’s rum mixed well enough so you knew you added a quality rum, without it overpowering the drink and taking over. I liked it a lot, and went ahead and finished the rest of the bottle drinking it this way.

I can’t really say which way I preferred to consume this rum, but I can say that you can’t go wrong with whatever method you choose. I can also say that Guy Harvey passed the test and that I’ll continue to be a fan of his. With a rum this good at this price, I can easily say that I’m hooked. The only problem for some of you out there, is that it’s only distributed in Florida at the moment, but they have plans to extend their reach later this year, so hopefully you wont have to wait to long to get your hands on a bottle.

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