NLF: Don Cosme Anejo Tequila



Don Cosme Anejo Tequila
80 Proof – Tequila
Approx. $26.99 750ml


Tony’s Review:
Well it’s Friday, and time to put out another review. Luckily, no one had to go to the liquor store this week to pick anything up. We had a bottle left over from our fourth of July trip that no one got around to trying. Partially because we found a new concoction of Rockstar Pina Colada energy drink and some 90 proof coconut rum that I cannot currently recall. We ended up just drinking that for the majority of the trip. Which was a little weird because I normally cant stand coconut rum. It’s also not normal for unopened bottles to come home with us after we go out drinking, which makes this an especially special occasion. So you might see why I was actually looking forward to opening this bottle of Don Cosme Anejo Tequila and giving it a try.

I popped the cork on this bottle almost as soon as I got home from work. Just opening the bottle filled my nose with a strong alcohol and agave smell. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but I figured what the hell, and just kept going. I poured some on ice and took a swig. It didn’t taste too complex. Pretty much what just seemed like a middle shelf tequila with very prominent agave and citrus flavors. It’s noticeably smooth and the burn doesn’t last for more than two seconds. It also keeps the same flavor from start to finish, but that flavor does seem to escalate in potency as it goes back. It never gets overpowering, but it does get stronger.

I wasn’t too impressed with it yet, so I tried it straight. Nothing really changed, but now I could feel a mild burn on the lips and down in the belly. It also wasn’t sitting with me very well, and took awhile to figure out why. While it does taste a little watered down, it’s actually kind of oily and slowly goes down the back of your throat, making it stay around a little longer than I would like. That also makes the aftertaste stick around for quite some time.

I wanted to try it mixed but I didn’t really have anything normal to mix it with, but I did have a big jug of Sharkberry Fin Kool-Aid. And I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds like an awesome drink that you would normally find in a house filled with just adults! Great choice!” Well, thanks, I thought it was a good idea too. I made a glass that was a little weaker than half and half, and it definitely tasted like it was half liquor, until the aftertaste where the Sharkberry Fin completely disappeared leaving only the previously mentioned tequila flavor. It didn’t turn out too great which means we were all wrong about mixing liquor with Kool-Aid. If you’re going to mix it with anything, it needs to be something with a stronger flavor.

It didn’t turn out to be an especially special occasion in the end, but I’m still feeling a little torn on this bottle. It’s not horrible, but I can’t say it’s good either. If I had to I would rate it just a little bit below average. I wouldn’t go out and buy another bottle again, but if I had nothing else to drink, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem putting down a few glasses.

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