NLF: Bombay Sapphire East


Bombay Sapphire East
80 Proof – Gin
Approx. $24.99 750ml


Jeff’s Review:
It was suppose to be Christal’s review tonight, but she is still packing for a Halloween Party this weekend, so I decided I would do the review. If I was good at what I do, I would be reviewing something halloweenie, but like I mentioned earlier, we are going to a Halloween Party so I’m gonna just wing this one.

Recently our good friend Paul picked up a bottle of Bombay Sapphire East while he was in Canada. I’m always excited about getting free booze, but I’m not a big gin fan. To be honest, I only know one person who actually likes the stuff and he doesn’t even drink it very often. A few years back, I really tried to find a gin that I didn’t hate. I even tried some gin flights at our local liquor library. I didn’t find any I liked, but I found one I could drink without hating myself. It was Hendricks gin and the reason was simply because it didn’t just taste like alcoholic flower water. With every other gin that I have tried, I’m unable to get over the potpourri taste, and I know Tony feels the same way. So as you can imagine no one was fighting to review this bottle.

I started out like always with a big sniff and it didn’t smell as floral as I expected, It smelled almost like a citrus vodka. Next I tried some neat and I wasn’t hating myself. It has a crisp lemon rind flavor up front followed by a peppercorn flower water at the end, no burn whatsoever. I could see someone else really enjoying sipping on this neat. The perfume flavor, just isn’t very appetizing to me. It reminds me of some scotches that have heavy tobacco notes, it just doesn’t scream “Drink me!”.

I wondered if chilling it with some ice would hide the botanical parts of the gin. So I dropped a few cubes in and it was still there, but it’s more spread out and the lemon was stronger this time. Again, this isn’t bad and I know people would like this but it’s still not something I would enjoy drinking.

Finally I tried it with some good ol’ fashioned OJ and this happened to be very good. The flowers have left my cup but the citrus peel is still there, also there was something else was showing up. I cheated and looked on the bottle and it lists a few types of berries, and I would have to say this was what I’m detecting. It was like I was drinking a screwdriver, but there was a lot more going on. Not only did I not hate myself, I actually liked drinking this.
If your a gin drinker I really think this should be your next pick up, and if your not a gin drinker but want to be, this is where you should start.

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