NLF: Captain Morgan Cannon Blast



Captain Morgan Cannon Blast
70 Proof – Rum
Approx. $12.99 750ml

Jeff’s Review: 
I like different. I like things that look different, taste different, sound different, and feel differently. I am also the guy, that when you see something stupid like a cannonball shaped bottle of booze and you say to yourself who would buy that, that’s me. I bought Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast because it stood out from everything else. It doesn’t matter what’s in this bottle, I’m a sucker for stupid marketing and fancy looking bottles.

As you could imagine, I brought this cannonball home with me without once reading anything other than the name. I assumed it would be spicy or cinnamon flavored simply because of the coloring of the text.

When I got home I decided to see what exactly is in the bottle. The label reads “an intensely delicious shot” and it says it’s a Caribbean rum with spice and natural flavors. Even with it’s very informative label, I still didn’t know exactly what this was.

Since I seen the word shot, I decided this was the only way to start this review off. I also wanted to be surprised by the shot, but curiosity got to me, and I gave my filled glass a sniff. I could smell an obvious rum-like caramel and some citrus, think lime peel.

It didn’t smell or taste like I expected. The tart lemon/ lime flavor instantly and completely takes over all of your taste buds. I was having a very hard time detecting anything else. It is very sweet, and it reminds me of Lemon Head candies. It burns a little going down, but I think it was more from the citric acid then the alcohol. I was hoping this would be better cold so I tried it on ice. I could tolerate it a little more now that the ice diluted the citrus taste.

There was something familiar about this, I wasn’t enjoying my sips, but I kept trying to pinpoint what it reminded me of. I tried a few shots after the bottle chilled, but that was all I could stomach. I put the bottle up for the night and decided I would wait until I had some friends over before trying it again.

A few days later, I had the chance. My buddies showed up and before we could get into anything else, I broke out the cannon blast. I poured my very trusting friends some shots and said, try it. I think two of them said Bacardi Limon, at the same time. That was what was familiar, it tastes like a sweeter Bacardi Limon. They didn’t seem to like it or hate it, we did a few and moved on to other things.

I revisited it tonight while writing this, and also I found a few interesting cocktail recipes on the internet. Most of them were a little fancy for me, but since I think this is being marketed as a solo shot, I wanted to try something simple and I found one that was exactly that.

I don’t remember the name but here’s the recipe:
2 oz Captain Morgan Cannon Blast
12 oz lager

This was pretty good, it gives the beer a little citrus aftertaste and for some reason I was picking up some ginger in there as well. I still think this would make more sense if this was primarily a cinnamon, ginger or even a black pepper flavor, the citrus just doesn’t make me think cannon blast. I honestly don’t see myself going out and looking for this again, especially since I would rather just drink Bacardi Limon.

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