NLF: Captain Morgan Private Stock

captain private

Captain Morgan Private Stock
80 Proof – Rum
Approx. $23.99 750ml


Tony’s Review:
Well after the holidays, we ended up with a few bottles of alcohol as gifts. A good amount of them were stuff that people knew we liked, and it was appreciated, but we had already reviewed all of them. We did however get one that wasn’t quite new to us, but it was unreviewed, which was a bonus. As you’ve probably already guessed, by just looking at the title or the picture of tonight’s review, it was a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock rum.

I know I’ve had this in the past, but it’s been so long that I could not remember what it tasted like. I started of by giving the label a quick look over. That’s when I noticed it says “Spice with Other Natural Flavors”. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that after all these years, I still have no idea what they are talking about when they say “Spice”. My understanding is that you can add flavor by spicing things up with “spices”, that could consist of many things, like pepper, thyme, oregano, adobo, nutmeg, or whatever, but just saying “Spice” as a flavor seems very vague to me. It’s like saying it’s flavored with “ingredient” and some other shit. Anyways, I’ll move on before I start ranting too much and sounding even more stupid about things I don’t understand.

I started tonight’s review off mixed with coke mainly because we didn’t have cans and I didn’t want to lug around a 2 liter of soda with me. It’s a little sweet, but has absolutely no burn. And accompanying the sweetness was a prominent vanilla flavor. I wasn’t to excited about it, but it did go down so smooth that I was willing to look passed the candy like flavor for a bit. It just seemed like a very weak vanilla and coke, even at a half and half mix. I made a couple drinks before I decided to move on to trying it straight.

With no mixer, it was still smoother than most 80 proof liquors, as it went down, but it had an afterburn that lasted a little too long. It almost seemed to jump start my indigestion a bit. Taking smaller sips seemed to help with that to make it drinkable. The weird thing is that even with the acid-reflux thing happening, I still enjoyed that flavor. Still kind of sweet, with vanilla in the front and the finish, but with the “Spice” flavor in the middle as it actually made its way down. I could also get somewhat of a caramel from the middle and the aftertaste. I couldn’t narrow that “spice” flavor down to anything specific, and then I thought, maybe they’re like me. Unable to pinpoint flavors themselves, so they just say it’s spiced. If that’s the case I don’t harbor as much ill will towards them.

After drinking it mixed and straight, I felt like I needed to find a happy medium between the two versions. One was too sweet, and one burned a bit too much. The sweetness would with the first mix would eventually turn me off, and the burn with it straight, wasn’t terrible, but it was what I would call unpleasant, and not something I would want to drink over and over again. So this time I went back to the soda, but made it a 80% rum to 20% soda mix. Now the burn just kind of tingles as you drink it, but ends as soon as you stop. This was my preferred way to drink it.

Even with finding my favorite way to drink this liquor, I don’t know if I would pick this up again personally. I don’t know if it’s just rums in general, as a lot have been seeming too sweet to me, but this one didn’t change my opinion regarding the matter. A little too sweet and too much vanilla make this something I would not actively pursue. But, that’s just not my thing. If it’s yours, then by all means, you should try this. It’s definitely a quality liquor, but it’s catered to a specific customer in my opinion.


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