NLF: Three Olives Blueberry

Three Olives Blue Berry

Three Olives Blueberry
70 Proof – Vodka
Approx. $16.99 750ml


Jeff’s Review:
This is my first review in the new year and like always, I forgot to plan anything special. I honestly haven’t been drinking a lot lately because I had a lot too much to drink during our New Year’s Eve Celebration. There has been a handful of times where I was angry at alcohol and this time, Jameson was the troublemaker.

He decided I shouldn’t remember any of the obnoxious things he was going to make me do, and that I didn’t need some of the clothes that I was wearing. I woke up with the worst hangover and my friends telling me all sorts of interesting things that I said and did. So after that, I decided maybe I should slow it down a little and I have been doing pretty good.

Tonight’s review of Three Olives Blueberry Vodka is the first real liquor that I have had since my blackout and it wasn’t a bad start. Like all the other Three Olive flavored vodkas it is a little too sweet to drink straight but it really shines when mixed.

The aroma of real blueberries is the first thing I noticed as I filled my glass. With no ice and at room temperature it was very sweet and reminded me of blueberry Bubblicious gum. There wasn’t much burn and when the vodka showed up, it came with a faint black pepper in the back of the throat. The sweetness intensifies with every sip and starts tasting like your drinking blueberry flavored simple syrup. I added some ice and this helped a little with diluting the syrup taste but it’s still too sweet for me to enjoy.

I checked the website for some cocktail ideas and they have recipes for a lot of their vodkas, but I couldn’t find one that used the blueberry. I really wanted to get creative with this vodka, but my mixing options were limited. I started searching for something and I came across some Mountain Dew Voltage, it has a blueberry flavor so I gave it a try.

It wasn’t bad, I made it half and half, but it tastes more like something you would make in a shot glass and slam. The flavor was fine but the sweetness was still a little too much. After I finished a few of what I was calling my “Dewberry” shooter ( 1 part blueberry vodka & 1 part mountain voltage ), I got an idea.

I’m not a big lemonade fan unless it’s mixed with tequila, but I found some blueberry lemonade a while back that I was addicted to, and knew that I have lemonade somewhere. I was right, I found some minute maid and I started mixing. This is what this vodka was made for, no matter the ratio it was delicious and refreshing. The citrus and sour balance the sweetness and I could easily finish the bottle but I want to remember things and keep my clothes on so I will take it easy.

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