NLF: Rum Haven


Rum Haven
42 Proof – Rum
Approx. $11.99 750ml


Christal’s review:
I’ve seen tonight’s bottle a few times, and have always walked right on past it, even with all of the “new” signs posted in the store. I’ve even had friends that had already had the opportunity to try it, tell me how good it was, and even then continued to walk on by it in the store. On a recent get together with those same friends, I ran out of my go to bottle that I had brought with me to play drinking games. As my bottle became close to empty, I started trying to ration it, and kept thinking ‘this much liquor should hold me over for x amount of drinks’. Their house is much like my house and there are always several different types of liquors, but they tend to keep a lot of dark rums or whiskeys that I am not a big fan of. Luckily for me, they happened to have a bottle of tonight’s liquor, so I was able to finally give it a try.

I usually start with shots, but since we were playing games, I started with mixing it with Pepsi. It has a very creamy smooth taste to it, and was very easy to drink. There is no burn, just a sweet true coconut flavoring. I tried it again as a shot tonight, and amazingly, still had no burn. I then checked the bottle and found that it’s only 42 proof. When drinking alcohol, my face tends to get very flush, and normally the higher the alcohol percentage, the faster and more intense it feels. My face became very flush pretty quickly, so I was a little surprised that it had such a low alcohol percentage.

On the bottle there was a list of recommended cocktails, but each recipe had one random ingredient that I feel no one has in their bar at home, like ginger syrup or Elderflower liqueur. The only recipe that I could kind of do was the Haven & Heat, which is Rum Haven, pineapple juice, simple syrup, lime juice, and muddled chili peppers. I don’t have peppers. so I had to settle for just a Haven. Even with the one missed ingredient, it was really good. I also put a little extra lime juice to cut the sweetness.

Since that first evening, I’ve purchased two more of their larger sized bottles, so I would definitely say it is worth getting. I’ve also now had the chance to try it several different ways, and haven’t been disappointed in any of the drinks that I had. The only semi bad thing I can say about it, is that it is fairly weak, but I feel like it is mostly for cocktails which normally will have other liquors mixed in as well. I found it to be very drinkable. Maybe I should have tried it sooner…

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