NLF: Kentucky Tavern

Kentucky Tavern Straight Bourbon

Kentucky Tavern
80 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $10.99 750ml


Jeff’s Review:
I was recently given two bottles of whiskey to review for the site, both looked like bottom shelf, and one was even in a plastic bottle. Since my review was coming up first, Tony gave me first choice. After reading both labels, I decided to go with the plastic one, because the other said it was a blend. I don’t think I made a bad decision because Kentucky Tavern turned out to be a very good budget whiskey.

Lately, I have really started to like the lighter more mellow bottles, something that can be sipped, but has enough flavor to mix. I still like my older favorites, but now I also enjoy the younger whiskey that most people wouldn’t bother with.

I tried Kentucky Tavern neat and was pretty surprised by how smooth it was. It’s a little dull, but straightforward and simple. All the basic flavors are there, a little brown sugar, vanilla, oak, and a bit of citrus. I also got a bit of pepper at the end.

I was worried about adding ice, because even with the decent taste, it was a little weak. The ice, like I assumed, did more harm than good, but even watered down, I still enjoyed my drink.

The final test was with coke, and for some reason, I got more of an oaky after taste than when not mixed, this was not a bad thing, just a little surprising.

During my review, I stumbled onto a site that did a tournament style cheap whiskey taste test and this bottle beat seven other whiskeys, including Old Taylor in the final round. So I guess I’m not the only one that enjoys a simple whiskey every once in a while. All in all, this was a very good, very basic, and very cheap bottle that you should try.

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