NLF: Beam’s Eight Star


Beam’s Eight Star
80 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $10.99 750ml


Tony’s Review:
I have to start this review with a little disclaimer, it’s going to be somewhat of a half ass review. OK, now that that’s settled, let’s get on with it. About a month ago, our buddy Paul dropped off a pair of whiskey bottles for us to try. Jeff reviewed one two weeks ago, Kentucky Tavern, and that left me with tonight’s bottle of Beam’s Eight Star. The only problem is, I finished this bottle three weeks ago, and I didn’t quite give it the same amount of taste testing as I normally would.

What had happened was, we were all hanging out at Disney’s Fort Wilderness resort after watching one of their dinner shows that had all you could drink beer. So, making sure we took full advantage of the endless beers, we were all a little tipsy afterwards. Once we made it back to our accommodations, we decided that we were not done drinking for the night. Some of us wanted to stick with beer, which ended up being ridiculously expensive buying it at the resort general store at sixteen dollars a six pack (Seriously Disney? It takes a certain kind of asshole to smile and tell me to enjoy my stay after watching you anal rape our wallets), while a couple of us thought that a couple whiskey and cokes sounded even better.

I think it was just former contributor Eric and myself drinking the whiskey, but the bottle emptied a little quicker than I would have thought. Like I mentioned earlier we were still a little buzzed from the beer so my memory is a little hazy. We both started off about to make our whiskey and cokes, and tried it straight before mixing anything in. I remember it not being too bad, going down rather easy and not burning too much. I think we were both surprised by how not bad it was. Especially since this looked like a bottle you would clearly find on the bottom shelf. I also recall it having a pretty simple taste, nothing complex. Just a normal whisky flavor with a little caramelishness at the start, and finishing with a little oaky aftertaste.

Despite how it tasted straight, we had no intentions of just sipping on straight whiskey that night, and just poured some soda in right away. And again, I was surprised by how good it was with coke. You could serve this to me at any bar and I would be totally cool with it. Maybe it was the slight inebriation skewing what I perceived as good, but it made a whiskey and coke just as good as any other mid shelf whiskey would. It also didn’t take very long to empty the bottle between the two of us, which is just another sign of a decent liquor.

It also seemed to get the job done pretty well too, because I at some point I decided to take a short middle of the night nap on the front porch (or if you ask Jeff, he would say I passed out), but I was still able to get my second wind afterwards and continue participating in the good times. There’s no doubt that I would say that I was happy with Beam’s Eight Star whiskey that night, and would definitely drink it again without question.

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