NLF: Plantation Pineapple Rum

plantation pineapple

Plantation Pineapple Rum
80 Proof – Rum
Approx. $29.99 750ml

Christal’s Review:
I was looking for a new flavored rum recently at the liquor store, and I managed to find tonight’s bottle, Plantation Pineapple Rum. Normally flavored rums are made with clear rum, which was not the case  with tonight’s bottle. I didn’t think too much of it, because even though I consider darker rums as not being as sweet as most light rums, I assumed the pineapple within would sweeten it up enough. This was until I got home and found out that its not made with the yellow colored sweet pulp portion of pineapple, but instead the rind of the pineapple.

I tried it as a shot and I tried it as a mixed drink with coke. When I took it as a shot, it made me cringe and I had no interest in wanting to do that again. As a mixed drink I couldn’t force myself to drink much of it. I do get some sweet notes from it, but it was more of a molasses and vanilla taste then pineapple, but technically its ‘rind’ and I can’t say I know what the rind of a pineapple tastes like because, like a normal person, that portion belongs in the garbage.

Maybe I should have left this bottle to Jeff or Tony to review, because I feel like since they like darker rums, they would probably really like it. I tend to have a completely different taste for liquor than them. They prefer that wood barrel taste that I hate, and I love the sweet fruit flavored liquors that they complain about being too sweet to drink. If you’re someone who has those same tastebuds as me then you may want to ignore that ‘pineapple’ word on the bottle and walk on by.

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