NLF: Wild Shot Mezcal Silver

wild-shot silver

Wild Shot Mezcal Silver
86.8 Proof – Mezcal
Approx. $47.99 750ml


Jeff’s Review:
Last week, we celebrated my birthday weekend at a beach house and of course, there were some bottles of booze around. I decided this was the best time to break out the bottle of mezcal Christal found a few days earlier, worm and all. As I was pouring everyone a shot, I was told by almost everyone that they hate tequila. So I explained to them that they were all in luck, “This is mezcal”. After a few stalls and some mean mugging, they all took their shot. I didn’t take mine because I wanted to watch everyone else’s reaction before I tried it. Just a fun fact, I love tequila but I have hated every mezcal I have tried. I was already reluctant to drink it before I watched everyone gag, one person even puked. But once a few people noticed I didn’t join them in the fun, I was told in a very stern way, “you better drink yours!”. I stalled as long as I could, but finally took my shot.

It burned all the way down, but really wasn’t that bad. It tastes a lot more crisp than other mezcals and it finishes really smokey. The after taste is the only thing I didn’t enjoy, I got a slight tobacco flavor that hung around for awhile. Most mezcals I’ve tried have been a lot heavier and harsher. This really just tasted like a smokey tequila, and I can deal with that. I didn’t waste my time on mixing this, as the name on the bottles says, made for shooting. I wanted to get to the worm, but with me being the only one drinking it, I didn’t quite make it. I guess I’ll have to break it out another night to reach that tasty treat.

I found out online that this is yet another celebrity endorsed liquor. Toby Keith is all over the website. I did a little more searching online and found out he is getting a lot of crap from people because he doesn’t know much about mezcal. Apparently at one point, someone asked him some questions about the liquor and he didn’t even know where it was made and said he was sent some bottles and he picked the one he liked. Regardless of Toby Keith’s knowledge of mezcal, he didn’t pick a horrible bottle to endorse, it’s like mezcal light and would be a nice smokey change from a plan ol’ tequila every now and then.

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