NLF: Canadian Club Small Batch 12 Year

canadianclub smallbatch12

Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12
80 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $19.99 750 ml

Tony’s Review:
Our good buddy Paul has contributed once again, this time with tonight’s bottle of Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12 whisky. It for some reason, took me a couple weeks to finally get around to it, but I managed to crack it open a few days ago. Before I got around to actually tasting it, I did manage to look it up online to see if I could find anything different about this bottle. I didn’t find much, but I did discover that this is actually a re-issue of their 12 year whisky. Now they’ve added small batch to the label, and have apparently cut down on the amount of liquors blended into it in an attempt to create a bolder flavor. I’ve never tried the original, so I can’t say if it’s that much different, but I can drink this whiskey and tell you if I think it’s worth a damn.

When drinking it straight, you can definitely taste caramel, mixed an assortment of other flavors. Much more than I could possibly isolate and describe. It does give it a robust and full bodied flavor that is pretty damn tasty. Once it goes down, you get a a little bit of oakiness with a hint of tobacco, and it’s a good tobacco-ish-ness too, not like you’re drinking someone’s spit cup like some other whiskeys seem to simulate. There are also even smaller hints of pepper and what seems like dark chocolate to me. I know none of these things seem like they would go well with each other, but somehow it works in this liquor. The burn was also not that bad, and if I took a larger than normal sip, my tongue felt the burn more than my throat. This turned out to be a very nice sipping whisky.

I tried it with a couple cubes of ice, and I was a little disappointed. I was really hoping that it would bring out one of the other flavors I couldn’t pick out earlier, but that was not the case. No new flavors showed up, it just slightly watered it down and smoothed it out even more. It also removed most of the aftertaste. I preferred it straight, and I would not recommend adding any ice. If you need it cold, put it in a freezer for awhile or chill a glass, just don’t waste it by watering it down with ice cubes.

Adding coke, brought upon mixed reviews with myself. It makes a pretty decent whiskey and coke, maybe a little too flavorful, almost tastes like a good scotch and coke, not bad at all. It adds a smokey caramel taste with small hints of the original after taste showing up after each sip. It’s also good enough that I could drink it all night. Now the mixed review part comes in from how much I enjoy it straight, and as good as it is mixed, I feel like it’s still much better when sipped on.

Even with that being said, if you prefer it mixed, then by all means, mix away with no remorse. At the current cost of the bottle, you’re getting a sipping whiskey at a mixing whiskey price. It’s not like you’re wasting a forty dollar bottle by covering up all the flavors with various other ingredients. I was personally very surprised when I looked up the price as I wrote this. This is definitely a great deal, and I would suggest that if you like whiskey, you should go out and try this bottle as soon as possible.

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