How to: make your own coffee liquor.

I fancy putting a white Russian down my throat every once in a while, and I also enjoy drinking a bit of cream or milk with my Kahlua too. But lets face it; the only way you’re getting drunk off … Continue reading

How to: Make Jolly Rancher Vodka

Christal’s Super Secret Family Jolly Rancher Vodka Recipe All you need is:  – 18 Jolly Ranchers of one flavor – 12 oz. of Vodka – 1 Container with a tight lid Combine the candy and vodka in your cup/container and shake vigorously. … Continue reading

How to: get drunk without drinking.

So Thanksgiving is over and you’re just waking up from your turkey hangover. You’ve inhaled more calories then a professional  athlete and the only exercise you’ve done was with your mouth around a drumstick and your arms shoveling stuffing in … Continue reading

How to: extract alcohol from hand sanitizer.

You find yourself in a bind: you’re broke, you just finished your last bit of vodka and you’re all out of drinks. So what do you do now? Like any other sane person you call it a night and get … Continue reading

How to: not throw up.

Alright, so you had a few too many drinks and now the floor under you is spinning. You’re starting to breath heavy, sweat and you know you have to make it to the bathroom but your drunken stagger keeps you … Continue reading