NLF: Marion Black 106 Brandy

Marion Black 106 Brandy 106 Proof – Brandy Approx. $27.99 750ml Jeff’s Review: Tonight I’m reviewing a brandy for no other reason than, we’ve only reviewed a few and I didn’t want to walk all over our local liquor store. … Continue reading

NLF: Captain Apple Jack

Captain Apple Jack 80 Proof – Brandy / Grain Alcohol Approx. $15.99 750ml   Christal’s Review: Earlier this week, while I was at the liquor store picking up stuff for Tony’s belated birthday extravaganza, I started searching for some new … Continue reading

NLF: Hardy Red Corner VS

Hardy Red Corner VS80 Proof – CognacApprox. $27.99 750ml Jeff’s Review:Ever since I could remember, I have never been a big fan of change. But lately, change has been, well, a good change of pace. I’m not only talking about … Continue reading

NLF: Jacquin’s Ginger Flavored Brandy

  Jacquin’s Ginger Flavored Brandy 70 Proof – Brandy Approx. $12.99 750ml Tony’s Review: Not too long ago, I walked into work one day and was met with a comment that threw me off guard. “You look like you had … Continue reading

NLF: Conjure Cognac

Conjure Cognac80 Proof – BrandyApprox. $22.99 750ml Jeff’s Review:Tonight I’m reviewing something a little different, cognac. I really wanted something out of the norm and it seemed like every liquor store I went in, there was a bottle of Conjure … Continue reading