NLF: Sunshine Moonshine Sunset

Sunshine Moonshine Sunset 109 Proof – Grain Alcohol Approx. $24.99 750ml Jeff’s Review:A few weeks ago I reviewed a locally made bottle, Sunshine Moonshine’s Sunrise. I enjoyed that bottle and mentioned that I wanted to try some of the other … Continue reading

NLF: Sunshine Moonshine Sunrise

Sunshine Moonshine Sunrise 109 proof – Grain Alcohol Approx. $24.99 750ml Jeff’s Review: Over the years we’ve reviewed a few liquors that are made in Florida, but tonight, I’m reviewing one made right down the road. Sunshine Moonshine is distilled … Continue reading

NLF: Captain Apple Jack

Captain Apple Jack 80 Proof – Brandy / Grain Alcohol Approx. $15.99 750ml   Christal’s Review: Earlier this week, while I was at the liquor store picking up stuff for Tony’s belated birthday extravaganza, I started searching for some new … Continue reading

NLF: Midnight Moon Strawberry

Midnight Moon Strawberry100 Proof – Grain AlcoholApprox. $19.99 750ml Christal’s Review:Recently I had a discussion with someone who was curious if I’ve ever tried the moonshine that looks like it has rotten strawberries in it. Unfortunately the answer was no … Continue reading

NLF: Ole Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine

Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine40 Proof – Grain AlcoholApprox. $26.99 750ml Tony’s Review: Earlier this week I embarked on a journey to find this week’s bottle to review. It all started when I was sitting at home and kind of … Continue reading