NLF: Wild Shot Mezcal Silver

Wild Shot Mezcal Silver 86.8 Proof – Mezcal Approx. $47.99 750ml   Jeff’s Review: Last week, we celebrated my birthday weekend at a beach house and of course, there were some bottles of booze around. I decided this was the … Continue reading

NLF: El Recuerdo De Oaxaca

El Recuerdo De Oaxaca76 Proof – MezcalApprox. $21.99 750ml Jeff’s Review:The other night I was looking at the amount of reviews on the site, and noticed the number of reviews for certain types of liquor were not very even. I … Continue reading

NLF: Monte Alban

Monte Alban80 Proof – MezcalApprox. $27.00 750ml Jeff’s Review: On our last journey to the liquor store, we ended up leaving with a bottle of Monte Alban Mezcal. Out of all the mezcal out there, I have seen this bottle … Continue reading