NLF: Kentucky Tavern

Kentucky Tavern 80 Proof – Whiskey Approx. $10.99 750ml   Jeff’s Review: I was recently given two bottles of whiskey to review for the site, both looked like bottom shelf, and one was even in a plastic bottle. Since my … Continue reading

NLF: Smirnoff Green Apple

Smirnoff Green Apple 70 Proof – Vodka Approx. $11.99 750ml   Christal’s Review: Tonight, I decided to possibly find out if I had something in the cabinets that I had not yet reviewed. I managed to find one bottle that … Continue reading

NLF: Puckett’s Branch Bourbon

Puckett’s Branch Bourbon 90 Proof  – Whiskey Approx. $21.99 750ml   Tony’s Review: If anyone were to ask me what my favorite type of alcohol was, I would have to say it’s whiskey by a large margin. But then if I … Continue reading

NLF: Rum Haven

Rum Haven 42 Proof – Rum Approx. $11.99 750ml   Christal’s review: I’ve seen tonight’s bottle a few times, and have always walked right on past it, even with all of the “new” signs posted in the store. I’ve even … Continue reading

NLF: Newfoundlander’s White Rum

Newfoundlander’s White Rum 80 Proof – Rum Approx. $29.99 750ml   Jeff’s Review: Our good friend Paul did it again, he picked us up a bottle of Newfoundlander’s Rum on his last trip through Canada. This worked out very well, … Continue reading