NLF: Smirnoff Green Apple

Smirnoff Green Apple 70 Proof – Vodka Approx. $11.99 750ml   Christal’s Review: Tonight, I decided to possibly find out if I had something in the cabinets that I had not yet reviewed. I managed to find one bottle that … Continue reading

NLF: Three Olives Blueberry

Three Olives Blueberry 70 Proof – Vodka Approx. $16.99 750ml   Jeff’s Review: This is my first review in the new year and like always, I forgot to plan anything special. I honestly haven’t been drinking a lot lately because … Continue reading

NLF: Svedka Vanilla

Svedka Vanilla 70 Proof – Vodka Approx. $13.99 750ml   Christal’s review: Tonight, I am trying out Svedka’s vanilla vodka. I didn’t put much thought into what I would be mixing it with when I picked it up, but saw … Continue reading

NLF: UV Sangria

UV Sangria 60 Proof – Sangria Approx. $8.99 750ml Christal’s Review: I’ve already purchased a few bottles of tonight’s liquor, but tonight is my first time actually actually trying it. The first time I picked some up, I had to … Continue reading

NLF: 3 Howls Banana Vodka

3 Howls Banana Vodka 80 Proof – Vodka Approx. $19.99 750ml Jeff’s Review: Recently we celebrated Tony’s Birthday, and to prep for the occasion, we packed the big cooler with as much liquid happy as we could. And like most … Continue reading