NLF: Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey



Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey
86 Proof – Whiskey
Approx. $26.99 750ml


Tony’s Review:
Well the Super Bowl is a couple days away, and I’m not entirely sure what we have planned yet, other than the fact that I will most likely be drinking a lot no matter what we choose. I don’t really care who wins, because I think they both deserve it, mainly because I think Peyton should have more than one Super Bowl win under his belt, and Cam played like a beast this year and his Panthers look damn near unstoppable. I wish my Bucs could have pulled off at least one win against Carolina this season, but it didn’t happen. At least my love for alcohol, and my feeling of needing a drink after watching Tampa play, go hand in hand. Hopefully next year it will be more celebratory drinking and less drowning my sorrows with the new coaching staff. With that being said, we’re supposed to talk about liquor not football on this site, so I guess I should get back on track.

I opened up tonight’s bottle of Sam Houston a little bit after I got home tonight and poured myself a glass with a couple cubes of ice. I always have a weird hesitation before trying any new liquor as I pretty much always expect the worse. Much to my surprise, Sam Houston on ice was actually decent. It was very smooth with almost no burn. I was getting a normal caramel flavor while sipping that finished with a very slight almost smokey finish. I wasn’t really getting any other flavors drinking it this way, as just a few cubes of ice seemed to give it a little bit of a watered down flavor.

Once my ice melted and I finished the first glass, I decided to try it straight. Now I was getting a wee bit of sweetness at the start that was also accompanied by a somewhat spiced vanilla flavor. Then it quickly transfers over to a caramelish taste that ends up finishing up with a very light charcoal aftertaste. It did burn a little bit with the first sip, but it mellowed out the more I drank it. It is 86 proof so the initial burn should be expected, but it is kind of nice how it becomes easier to drink as my mouth became more accustomed to it.

Again, mainly due to time constraints, I finished that glass and moved on to mixing it with some soda. To be honest, it tastes like any decent whiskey and coke that you’ve had before, but with a little bit of that spiced vanilla flavor I mentioned earlier. It’s also not that sweet until the aftertaste which is different and tolerable. I had a few glassed of it this way before I realized that it was getting late and I needed to start writing all of this up. Now that I think about it, the fact that I could drink a few of these without feeling the need to stop other than a certain obligation that I had to take care of is a pretty decent sign that this is a drinkable whiskey.

I would say that this is definitely a drinkable whiskey, no matter how you decide to consume it. With ice, it wasn’t that bad other than seeming a bit watered down, but that could be countered with less ice. Straight was just as good if not better, and when mixed with coke, I could drink this all night. Overall, while it is a pretty good whiskey, I would still categorize it as a high end middle shelf liquor. At $26 I think it’s just a lil’ over priced, and while it’s not super expensive, it seems like a $20 price tag would have been perfect. That could just be me though. I would suggest you try it yourself and let me know if you feel the same way.


NLF: Tijuana Sweet Heat

sweet heat tequila

Tijuana Sweet Heat
70 Proof – Tequila
Approx. $15.99 750ml


Christal’s Review:
Recently while at our local place, our bartender was excited to show us that she had new tequila available. Jeff always asks for something new and the answer is usually her telling him they never have anything new, so the one time that they actually did, she made sure we knew. I didn’t get to try it that night, because I was being responsible and was the designated driver, but I do remember Jeff telling her that it wasn’t bad. I came across it at the liquor store and figured “not bad” must be good, so I went ahead and bought a bottle.

Tequila is a liquor that I prefer just as shot. I went ahead and pulled out a shaker with ice, and poured several shots worth of tequila in it. I then poured myself a shot and it was very smooth. but it’s odd that the only burn I had was at the end, and was very short lived as was the aftertaste. I set up a little station because I had some cleaning to do, (the woes of being a wife) and I figured I would just take a shot every time I had to put something in the kitchen. I ended up taking several shots, and other than feeling slightly dizzy, I didn’t have the normal drunken symptoms that I should have had with as many shots as I took.

Tonight’s bottle is more like a beginner’s tequila. It’s made with 100% agave nectar which makes it much sweeter than other tequilas that I have tried. My normal go-to tequilas are 80 proof, where as this one is only 70 proof. I didn’t think that only being a 10 proof variation would make that much of a difference, but it does. Since it is so smooth I definitely like it, but I have a feeling that if I am playing games with people and this is my go-to shot, people may say it’s not fair because after 8 shots I was still completely “with it”. People already think that I’m cheating because my go to rum freezes when I put it in the freezer, but no one else’s liquor seem to do…

NLF: Three Olives Blueberry

Three Olives Blue Berry

Three Olives Blueberry
70 Proof – Vodka
Approx. $16.99 750ml


Jeff’s Review:
This is my first review in the new year and like always, I forgot to plan anything special. I honestly haven’t been drinking a lot lately because I had a lot too much to drink during our New Year’s Eve Celebration. There has been a handful of times where I was angry at alcohol and this time, Jameson was the troublemaker.

He decided I shouldn’t remember any of the obnoxious things he was going to make me do, and that I didn’t need some of the clothes that I was wearing. I woke up with the worst hangover and my friends telling me all sorts of interesting things that I said and did. So after that, I decided maybe I should slow it down a little and I have been doing pretty good.

Tonight’s review of Three Olives Blueberry Vodka is the first real liquor that I have had since my blackout and it wasn’t a bad start. Like all the other Three Olive flavored vodkas it is a little too sweet to drink straight but it really shines when mixed.

The aroma of real blueberries is the first thing I noticed as I filled my glass. With no ice and at room temperature it was very sweet and reminded me of blueberry Bubblicious gum. There wasn’t much burn and when the vodka showed up, it came with a faint black pepper in the back of the throat. The sweetness intensifies with every sip and starts tasting like your drinking blueberry flavored simple syrup. I added some ice and this helped a little with diluting the syrup taste but it’s still too sweet for me to enjoy.

I checked the website for some cocktail ideas and they have recipes for a lot of their vodkas, but I couldn’t find one that used the blueberry. I really wanted to get creative with this vodka, but my mixing options were limited. I started searching for something and I came across some Mountain Dew Voltage, it has a blueberry flavor so I gave it a try.

It wasn’t bad, I made it half and half, but it tastes more like something you would make in a shot glass and slam. The flavor was fine but the sweetness was still a little too much. After I finished a few of what I was calling my “Dewberry” shooter ( 1 part blueberry vodka & 1 part mountain voltage ), I got an idea.

I’m not a big lemonade fan unless it’s mixed with tequila, but I found some blueberry lemonade a while back that I was addicted to, and knew that I have lemonade somewhere. I was right, I found some minute maid and I started mixing. This is what this vodka was made for, no matter the ratio it was delicious and refreshing. The citrus and sour balance the sweetness and I could easily finish the bottle but I want to remember things and keep my clothes on so I will take it easy.

NLF: Captain Morgan Private Stock

captain private

Captain Morgan Private Stock
80 Proof – Rum
Approx. $23.99 750ml


Tony’s Review:
Well after the holidays, we ended up with a few bottles of alcohol as gifts. A good amount of them were stuff that people knew we liked, and it was appreciated, but we had already reviewed all of them. We did however get one that wasn’t quite new to us, but it was unreviewed, which was a bonus. As you’ve probably already guessed, by just looking at the title or the picture of tonight’s review, it was a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock rum.

I know I’ve had this in the past, but it’s been so long that I could not remember what it tasted like. I started of by giving the label a quick look over. That’s when I noticed it says “Spice with Other Natural Flavors”. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that after all these years, I still have no idea what they are talking about when they say “Spice”. My understanding is that you can add flavor by spicing things up with “spices”, that could consist of many things, like pepper, thyme, oregano, adobo, nutmeg, or whatever, but just saying “Spice” as a flavor seems very vague to me. It’s like saying it’s flavored with “ingredient” and some other shit. Anyways, I’ll move on before I start ranting too much and sounding even more stupid about things I don’t understand.

I started tonight’s review off mixed with coke mainly because we didn’t have cans and I didn’t want to lug around a 2 liter of soda with me. It’s a little sweet, but has absolutely no burn. And accompanying the sweetness was a prominent vanilla flavor. I wasn’t to excited about it, but it did go down so smooth that I was willing to look passed the candy like flavor for a bit. It just seemed like a very weak vanilla and coke, even at a half and half mix. I made a couple drinks before I decided to move on to trying it straight.

With no mixer, it was still smoother than most 80 proof liquors, as it went down, but it had an afterburn that lasted a little too long. It almost seemed to jump start my indigestion a bit. Taking smaller sips seemed to help with that to make it drinkable. The weird thing is that even with the acid-reflux thing happening, I still enjoyed that flavor. Still kind of sweet, with vanilla in the front and the finish, but with the “Spice” flavor in the middle as it actually made its way down. I could also get somewhat of a caramel from the middle and the aftertaste. I couldn’t narrow that “spice” flavor down to anything specific, and then I thought, maybe they’re like me. Unable to pinpoint flavors themselves, so they just say it’s spiced. If that’s the case I don’t harbor as much ill will towards them.

After drinking it mixed and straight, I felt like I needed to find a happy medium between the two versions. One was too sweet, and one burned a bit too much. The sweetness would with the first mix would eventually turn me off, and the burn with it straight, wasn’t terrible, but it was what I would call unpleasant, and not something I would want to drink over and over again. So this time I went back to the soda, but made it a 80% rum to 20% soda mix. Now the burn just kind of tingles as you drink it, but ends as soon as you stop. This was my preferred way to drink it.

Even with finding my favorite way to drink this liquor, I don’t know if I would pick this up again personally. I don’t know if it’s just rums in general, as a lot have been seeming too sweet to me, but this one didn’t change my opinion regarding the matter. A little too sweet and too much vanilla make this something I would not actively pursue. But, that’s just not my thing. If it’s yours, then by all means, you should try this. It’s definitely a quality liquor, but it’s catered to a specific customer in my opinion.


NLF: Hornitos Spiced Honey

Hornitos SpicedHoney

Hornitos Spiced Honey
70 Proof – Tequila
Approx. $19.99 750ml


Christal’s Review:
It’s been a few weeks since our last review. You would think that I would have taken advantage of this time and maybe knocked out a few reviews to have ready, but then you’d be under estimating my procrastination. I’ve had tonight’s bottle for a little while now, and even had plans of devouring it on New Year’s, but once drinking commenced, I felt like all those plans just went out the window.

The idea of spiced honey was very infringing. I gave it a sniff to see what I was in for, but all I could smell was the agave tequila. According to the Hornitos website, it recommends to have it neat, on the rocks, or as a shot.  I chilled it on some ice and poured myself a shot and it was extremely sweet. I tasted no “spiced” flavor, so I took a sip of it neat at room temperature,  and tried to ignore the sweetness. The spiced side is very faint. It has a slight peppery taste, but is very overpowered by the sweetness of the honey. I only got the peppery from it when neat. Once chilled, it was just too difficult to get past the sweetness. Also, the actual tequila taste at the end tastes like a very mediocre tequila. I can’t say I’ve had many Hornitos tequilas, but there’s probably for a reason for it.

Next, I tried it as a mixed drink. I tried it in a multi citrus blend juice, and then a mountain dew. Normally tequila goes great with citrus drinks, but not this one. Once again the sweetness was unbearably sweet. The only thing I had other than water and milk. that was not already sweet on its own, was sugar free Cranberry juice. This sounded like it would be horrible but ended up being the only way I could drink it. By all means it wasn’t good, but I managed to get it down.

I understand that probably going sweet would be the best way to cover up the agave taste from the tequila, since it is a very distinct taste, but this was a bit much. Also, as Jeff was taking the picture, he noticed that the bottle says it’s a “Spiced Honey Liqueur”, but then the smaller print says it’s made with 100% agave tequila. I checked the product page from Hornitos again, and it does not say liqueur anywhere in the description, unless you zoom in on the picture of the bottle. My guess would be that they made it, then tasted it, and were like “uh oh” when they realized it was too sweet. And, since most liqueurs are acceptable for being overly sweet, they just went ahead and threw the word on the label real quick.